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    At an early age, I was introduced to art and design, and almost immediately developed a creative interest. From that point I explored design and building because of my interest in toys like Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Hot Wheels. I found myself intrigued with the possibilities of creation. However, I didn’t find out about Industrial Design as a Profession until a friend mentioned it to me while at the end of my first year at Vocational School (Which was also my Junior year of High School). Being that I had just scratched the surface of industrial design by learning how to 3d print and prototype that year, I quickly intended to pursue such a career.

I am now an Autocad Certified, Industrial Designer, and I am intrigued with every aspect of my major and career. From 3D Printing, to Drawing, and Hand Rendering, it has proven to be a challenging, but rewarding pursuit. I have been studying industrial design for several years now and I am still learning to master this profession. However, there’s no greater feeling than having your very own design come to life.

3D Printing is a new technology that is constantly changing fields such as engineering, science, and even design. I find myself on the cusp of such a significant time of advancements, striving to become a creative component within this design movement. Using My Prior knowledge of 3d printing and prototype making I want to make an impact on the field of car design and car customization. I also want to explore on other fields within industrial design, such as accessories and home improvement during the span of my education and career.

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Matthew Mateo

Matthew Mateo

Industrial Designer

BS- Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design (2019-2023)

Bachelors of Science In Industrial Design Studied at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

AFA- Associates in Fine Arts - Specialization in Industrial Design (2016-2019)
Vocational Training - Autocad Certification (2014-2016)

Autocad Vocational Training at Morris County School of Technology. 

My hobbies include Drawing, Video Editing, and Exercising

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